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USPS Live Tracking

USPS Tracking is a well-established method that ensures that your important packages reach their final place on time. The US Postal Service is an efficient and widely prevalent method that informs you of the date, time and zip code of your item delivery. In the event of the trial of a delivery, you will be notified of the try as well. This is the biggest advantage of using the shipping services of USPS, that you get to use their tracking services too. If you send something with USPS, the tracker lets you track your shipment right after the item has been sent.

Another added advantage of this life-saving service is that it is free of cost if you use a shipping label to print postage. However, in case you employ a mailing label or a NetStamp for your post, you will require a Label 400 and pay an added charge as well. This service has reduced the worries of many a clients.

Different Types of USPS Trackers:

There are two major types of USPS Tracking:

  1. Retail USPS Tracking:

    These are sold only at the post offices which requires you to fill the PS Form 152, which appears like a bright green label and you can find it at the customer desk. One has the option to check their delivery status by inputting a code on USPS’s Track and Confirm web page or by dialling a number on the form.
  2. Electronic USPS Tracking:

    If you employ an online service to print your postage such as a third-party website, then the program will include electronic USPS Tracking at no cost on all classes of your mail.

    How does this work?

    The USPS Tracker functions through a bar code, which is on your shipping label or your package with a sticker. Apart from tracking the destination of the package, it also lets you see how your package moves from one point to the other. You can check the delivery stamps by inputting the USPS Tracking Number online.

    USPS Tracker services can be used in conjunction with other services such as Return Receipt, Cash on Delivery, Domestic Insurance, Registered Mail, Restricted Delivery and Special Handling. There are a few items that cannot be sent with USPS Tracking such as periodicals, letters and flat pieces sent through 1st Class.

    What is Text Tracking?

    USPS Text Tracker lets a customer be informed of the status of their delivery through a text message sent to their registered mobile number. It is to be noted that the prices for Standard Messaging and Data Rates will be applicable. The numerous ways through which a customer can request SMS Tracking is as  follows:

    Through your mobile phone:
  • SMS 28777 (2USPS) with the body of the message as your tracking number and you will receive a  reply from USPS with the tracking information.
  • SMS 28777 (2USPS) with the content of the message as your tracking number and a keyword. Keywords inform USPS of the exact details of the message that you wish to enquire.

    Through the website:

    On the official USPS website, you can register if you wish to receive text messaging updates on a number. You can choose either of these options on the webpage:
  • Expected Delivery Updates
  • Day of Delivery Updates
  • Package Delivered
  • Available for Pickup
  • Delivery Exception Updates
All of the above

What are keywords ?

USPS Text Tracker has allowed for the provision of keywords with tracking no. when sent from a cell phone. However, there are guidelines on which keyword can be used with specific tracking numbers to receive a certain response. Keywords have to be used after the tracking number and are not case sensitive. You can send the message “KEYWORD” to 28777 if you want a complete list of these definitions.

How does USPS respond?

The response varies on the keyword that you have inputted for a certain category of information. However, a generic response looks like the following:

USPS 01122446688990056789, Available for Pickup 9:30am BOWIE MD 20701
Reply STOP to cancel
As you can see in the above message, the tracking response includes the following information:

  • Sender i.e. USPS
  • Tracking number
  • Status of the package i.e. Delivered, Picked up, etc.
  • Date, Time, and the Location
  • An option to stop receiving further messages

    There are other message types also. These come under the categories given below:

    Date of Delivery:

    USPS has made the Text Tracking system so progressive that when it receives a request for status updates, you will receive the scheduled, expected, or updated delivery date information.

    To give you a clearer picture, please consider the following example:

    USPS 0113456789034567890, Expected Delivery by: Friday, August 8, 2016
    Reply STOP to cancel

    Upon Confirmation:

    In case you make a request that cannot be fulfilled immediately, then USPS will send you a confirmation of your request receival. Even if they cannot send an update, they will message you a text that looks like the following:

    USPS Text Tracking: Alert update has been applied to 0111156780002222776543


    USPS 0346578789123456789: Request for Delivery Exception Updates confirmed
How to unsubscribe from USPS Text Tracking messages?

If you wish to stop receiving text messages, text “STOP” or “ARRET” or “UNSUBSCRIBE”, “CANCEL” or “QUIT” to 287777. This will stop all status requests that are active on your number.

Whom to contact for any help?
You can call on this phone number to receive any extra information on the following number: 1-800-222-1811.
If you want to receive help through your call phone, use the following text messages to send to 287777: “HELP, INFO, or AIDE”.

Is USPS Text Tracking available both in India and abroad?
Presently, USPS Text tracking is for customers staying in United States with a cell phone in the United States or roaming coverage to use internationally. However, this feature was also added for Canadians who have a phone number as well. USPS is also planning to support these tracking features for international users in the coming years.

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