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What is Kroger Feedback?

Who doesn’t know about Kroger? Certainly, all of us do. It is a retailing market of America and one of the largest supermarket chains of the U.S. Founded in the year 1883, Kroger was opened with an amount of only $400. The headquarter is situated in Cincinnati, a downtown in the U.S. Its supervisor is Mr. W. Rodney McMullen along with his close pal, Mr. Michael L. Ellis.

Kroger is very concerned towards the satisfaction and goodwill of the customers and this is its only mission. To known whether the customers are satisfied or not and to fulfill their mission, they have launched the Kroger feedback survey system. If you too are one of a Kroger customer, then you must definitely participate in this survey. You can even get the opportunity to win some gift cards, cards for purchasing grocery items, digital coupons, and fuel points of about 50. Now the question arises, how can you win all these? All these can be won by just participating in the Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey. In order to participate in the survey, you need to go to the site Some possible chances are that you can win gift cards of grocery items, $5,000, 100 gift cards of items of grocery, fuel points of Kroger and some digital coupons. Here, the only constraint here is that you need to be of eighteen years old or above to participate in the survey.

The best thing about these gift cards is that they can be used during any of your purchase at the Kroger. It also is considered to be a good working place because it has many advantages such as insurance, healthcare, etc. The customers love shopping at the Kroger and sharing their shopping experiences. 

Kroger Survey Working Hours:

· Sunday to Saturday: From 6 AM to 12 AM

Kroger’s System of Customer Service:
In case there is any kind of issue with the survey or service of Kroger, you can freely contact the support team of Kroger. The customer number which is free of cost can be called at any time you face any trouble with the store. You can call or chat and issue your complaint with them. They will be more than happy to resolve your problem.

· Toll-free number: 1-800-576-43770

The above-mentioned number is available during the below-mentioned times.
· Monday - Friday – 8 AM - 12 AM EST

· Saturday and Sunday – 8 AM - 9.30 PM EST

The requirements to participate in the survey:

  • Your age should be 18 years or above. 
  • Your device should be connected to the internet.
  • The last receipt which is more not more than 7 days old should be with you.
  • You should know either Spanish or English to fill-up the form because the form is available in only the above-mentioned languages only. 
  • If you are an employee or officer of Kroger, you cannot participate in the given survey. 

  • You need to dedicate twelve to fifteen minutes time from your schedule for the survey as it takes lesser time than that.

How you can win Kroger Fuel Points?

One may win these awesome fuel points by participating in the survey. The receipt that you get from the Kroger store has some information mentioned like visiting date, entry ID along with the visiting time. You just need all these bits of information. A lucky draw takes places in which 12 apparent Kroger customers win Fuel points. The management group of services manages the survey and that includes every Kroger store such as Market Food of City and Pharmaceutical products, Food For Less, Ralph’, etc. Most importantly, one fortunate winner is chosen who gets to own a $5,000 gift card of Kroger which can be used at the Kroger stores. Do not worry; Kroger will never disclose its customer’s personal details.

A thorough guide to the Kroger Feedback Guest Satisfaction Survey:

Keep the receipt that you get after the purchase, very safely. It actually contains the necessary information that you need to participate in the survey.

· Firstly, get into the website then type those necessary pieces of information provided on the receipt like Entry ID, date, and time in order to begin the survey.

kroger feedback

They ask whether you happened to visit the CARROLTON spot or not.

· Answer all the questions carefully in accordance with your last visit to the Kroger store.

· The foremost question is about your required department of attention during the last visit of yours.

· Then, next, they will ask you to rate what you experienced.

· Rate some other details like the behavior of the employees, prices at Kroger stores in comparison to other supermarkets, and grocery baggers.

· You will also be asked to rate the satisfaction level of yours at the store which includes store brands’ quality, cleanliness, sale items on stock, the response of the team of checkout, etc.

· They will ask you whether you are satisfied with the freshness, prices of products, production department, stock items, the polite staff response, etc.

· You will need to rate the liking of yours related to the dairy department, the freshness of milk products, warm staff response, etc.

· Keeping the same parameters in mind, rate the deli department, serving item, products of the deli department, the freshness of the bakery department, politeness of the staff, store food products, etc.

· They will ask you about your convenience with your desired item.

· You need to answer your probability of choosing the Kroger over the other stores.

· Check all your answers after the completion of the survey.

· They will demand you to state your level of happiness with the Kroger.

· Their main objective is your satisfaction. So, they will ask if you faced any kind of difficult during your visiting time.

· Also, you can give your feedback on other departments as well.

· After the end of the survey, they acknowledge you for the precious feedback and randomly ask some stuff like how often do you visit Kroger?

· In case, if you acquire a loyalty card you can earn 50 fuel points by mentioning your ID or card number,

· Finally, they acknowledge again for giving your valuable time to provide in your feedback and send you an email in case you are one of the lucky winners.


The entire process of taking part is thoroughly explained above. Participate in the survey and win some awesome deals. Rush to your nearest Kroger store now!

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